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Frequently Asked Questions

You need a copy of your passport and payment to the company account.
Provide us with your valid passport, we draw up an invoice for payment and a contract of sale.
With them you go to the bank and, according to the issued invoice, pay to the account of our company.
After receiving the payment, we arrange for export within 3 working days, make detailed video and photo reports about the machines and send to you.

In order to book this or that car, you will need a deposit of 10% of the amount of the car. The reservation is held for 5 days, if the full amount for the car has not been paid within 5 days, then the deposit will expire and the car will be sold to another buyer.

All cars are brand new from Toyota. We do not have a service center in your country, but for an additional fee, you can get warranty service from your local distributor.

Yes, of course, but we will be able to reserve this particular car after making a deposit, since sales go on every day. But if you are interested in the year of production, we can confirm this verbally.

Yes, our second Instagram account hakyda.used always has used cars, most of which are brought from the USA and professionally restored. However, there are also Arab cars.

Yes, we do, but the minimum order must be at least $3000

To Kazakhstan, to Aktau 25-30 days, to Almaty 40-45 days.
To Russia, to Astrakhan 25-30 days
To Kyrgyzstan, to Bishkek 45-50 days.
To Turkmenistan, if through Iran to Ashgabat 15-20 days, through Azerbaijan to Ashgabat 25-30 days.

Payment is accepted by bank transfer to the company’s account, cash in Dubai, and transfer of crypto-currencies. But when paying in cash, you may have difficulties with customs clearance, as the customs office asks for copies of the official payment statement made through a bank transfer.

We are a company registered in the UAE with offices in Dubai and Ashgabat and have been operating since 2015 and have already sent more than 2100 vehicles to different countries. We draw up a legal contract for the sale of a car, which is an official document and all payments are accepted officially through a bank transfer to our company account. If there was fraud in our history, then our company would be blacklisted in the Central Bank and would not miss payments. On our Instagram page you can see 100+ testimonial videos from customers who have already received their machines. Also, as proof, we can provide contact details of customers who ordered and have already received their cars and listen to their feedback on our work. We will also provide you with copies of their contracts, contacts of partner brokers who clear our cars. Additionally, we can also provide transport declarations and UAE customs clearance certificates, which confirm the dispatch of the vehicles.

For more information, please contact our car selection and sales managers, who, based on your parameters and preferences, will be able to find a car at the US auction and play it. When buying a car in the states, there are a lot of criteria, such as: the site where the car is played, state, damage, shipping costs, port congestion.

Of course you can, for this you need to order from 3 “cuts”.

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